Whale Week


Untimely Breath

With the cultural phenomenon of Shark Week fast approaching and the anterior hysteria over its occurrence reaching an all-time high, I would like to bring everyone’s attention to a wonderful event too often overshadowed during this time:  Whale Week. Every year, the week prior to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is Discovery Channel’s Whale Week. However, Whale Week often finds itself forgotten amidst the overwhelming precedent hype of Shark Week. This should not be the case. Really, there is no logical explanation for this neglect to be a reality. Whales are just as cool if not cooler than the sharks that everyone has become obsessively enamored with. If sharks are the aggro bullies of the sea, then whales are the gentle Samaritans. I’m perplexed as to why people have related more to these brutish monsters than to the kindly wha-…….Wait. Nope. Never mind. I get it.

Regardless, more people should be…

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